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January 27, 2017

#Meet Ibiza people | Selina van Hulzen – Heitman

One benefit of winter in Ibiza is the time you can join with friends and explore new things and spots. So I joined Selina’s Barre class ( a mix from ballet, Pilates and yoga).

I met Selina 2 years ago at our friends house, a few months before she and her family (Jur, her husband and their 2 children, Mads and Lou, Selina was pregnant with Ziggy)  finally moved from Amsterdam to Ibiza. She had sparkles in her eyes when she was talking and wow, what a positive energy. From the first moment I liked her and it took almost a year until we met again. Her baby was born and I was pregnant with my youngest son. She was managing the family, made new friends, discovered the island and she was always on the run. We celebrated her 30th birthday in their beautiful 20’s style decorated garden on a very hot day last September and she told me she wants to teach Barre. As a Pilates teacher, I was totally with her and excited for her to join the Barre teacher training.
A few months later she joined the teacher training in London and I was more than happy she needed support for her classes to create the video for her exam. It was amazing to watch Selina living her passion in teaching this Barre training. She was so focused and connected with everybody joining the class. I wanted to join them while I was taking photos. One hour later, every -body was happy. Luckily enough I had the chance to do a class 2 days later and it was just amazing. I was thinking about my Pilates classes back in the days 4 days a week for almost 12 years. I loved it and there are days where I miss it but now I’m happy to be able to show you a few photos of a busy friendly optimistic mummy of 3 being in her element and showing us her passion. Maybe one day I will teach a Pilates class when she is on holiday, as we all wanted her to continue with the Barre classes. Selina also teaches Kids dance classes for children from 2 – 8 and it is just awesome. The children love it, (yes, I’ve been to that class too… my eldest son joins the class, that’s why I have internal information) and Selina’s fantasy and exercises for the kids are great. Her voice gives so much calmness and love when she starts singing to welcome every child. And the silver heart stamp on the hand is a holy gift at the end of the class.

I love to see her being just herself in combination with her family. She still has these sparkles in her eyes and the positive energy.

Can you imagine why I love Ibiza in winter? There is time to try new stuff, outside your comfort zone. And that’s where the magic starts…

Have fun and enjoy!

x, Jen

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