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March 23, 2017

#Meet Ibiza people | Liz la Force

I really believe the people we meet in our life, cross our path for a reason. And since I’m living on the island, so many things fall into place like a puzzle collecting more and more pieces.
Liz and I met each other 3 times in three different settings until the day we had the photoshoot together.  My boyfriend was supposed to take photos of Liz which she wanted to use for her new website and I had the strong feeling I have to meet her and take the photos.  Youri asked Liz if she would be okay to do the photoshoot with me instead of him. And yes, she was totally okay with it.

A few hours later (I could have walked to her house, so we are neighbours, haha) we were sitting on the peaceful porch, in the sunshine with a nice cup of tea and she told me about her life, her work, how she came to Ibiza in 2014 and her ideas of the photos. Liz is living her profession as an intuitive healer and teacher. She is blessed with the gift of healing and you can book her for a session, workshops and retreats and also from distance she is able to to heal as she is able to connect and communicate with body, mind and soul.
I was totally into her story when I already saw the idea of the final photos even if I had no idea where we were going to, but I felt this will work out just like we both were thinking of it. After we finished our tea we left Liz’ house and were on our way to one of her favourite places – a very old olive tree. Just beautiful. The light was just magical,  the sun rays shining through the pine trees and it’s all quiet next to a few birds singing. Wow, I really liked that place.

Our next stop brought us to Cala San Vicente. The beach was empty when we arrived, nobody else around us and I started to capture what I thought would fit with Liz’ idea. As I try to put myself out of my comfort zone as often as I can, I climbed on a small rock where the water hit the rock, just to capture the feeling. This photo will always remind me of the feeling to walk outside my comfort zone to explore new things and to reach the next level of my personal upgrade ( we all have these updates once in a while, that’s life).

It was a fantastic afternoon with Liz and I’m happy I followed my feeling and had the opportunity to create Liz’ vision with my camera. Have fun and enjoy.

x, Jen

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