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March 29, 2017

# Meet Ibiza people | Sophie Waardenburg

We met each other last summer on one of the rooftop parties of the ME hotel, it was a good party and afterwards we were walking around in Santa Eularia to have a midnight snack but all kitchens were already closed. So we went home hungry and saw each other again at our friends house for a wine and dine party a few months later, not hungry as we enjoyed a yummy curry.

After my youngest son was born last year I had a few problems with my hip and I made an appointment with Sophie, as she is an osteopath and physiotherapist. I visited her one week later and oh yes, she really has healing hands and I felt so much better after a few sessions. She has her own practice at home and I can not recommend her highly enough. She came to the island 19 years ago, when she moved together with her parents from the Netherlands.  Sophie is a very active and creative person who loves to be outdoor, swimming, hiking and horse riding and she loves to dance as well.

I love it when I can spend time with my kind of people. Having fun, enjoying the beautiful nature and sharing good energy. Sophie and I had a fantastic evening on Salinas beach ( and only a few mosquito bites) and I’m already looking forward to our next adventures…

Have fun and enjoy! x, Jen

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