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March 20, 2017

#Meet Ibiza people | Sunrise

Last December I’ve been to a Sundance class at Lamuella, taught by Sunrise ( I already loved her name, even before I knew her). It was a special Friday evening, just dancing, feeling myself and I realised I need to have more fun in my life. And from that moment, it worked out!
Sunrise moved to Ibiza in May 2016, after visiting the island every summer from 2005.  She is a conscious dance facilitator and her practice is called Sundance. She did a training in Australia called Dancing Freedom and she is bringing it all over the world – Australia, India, France and since June in Ibiza …for now… sundance is a practice of love, self-love and self-discovey, as the sun ignites the light within.
She feels that creating joy, happiness, love, reconnection to the heart, body and soul, holding sacred space for people to be themselves, to express their authenticity and to use dance as a tool of transformation is her life purpose! Loving, caring, helping, sharing, creating community building, as one family, spreading love, forgiveness and compassion for all and 1st for ourselves, this is what she stands up for.
Dance is medicine, it helps to ignite your soul and heals your wounds. Then the magic happens, you rise up!

She also works with kids, she’s a nanny and babysitter and loves seeing the sparkles in children’s eyes, bringing love and caring attention to them, they are so powerful and we have so much to learn from them, the new generation of kids are super master already! The human evolution and consciousness excites her! She loves to grow, evolve, learn and share.  She is a really active woman always expanding and I’m more than happy I met her on our journey called life.

Have fun and enjoy and if you have plans to join her dance class, enjoy the magic!

x, Jen

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