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April 11, 2017

#Meet Ibiza people | Annemarie Bauer & Ramon Bruijne

I love to spend my time with people which are innovating, having good ideas, love good wine and food and you can have good conversations with. When we just arrived on the island 2,5 years ago we were introduced to Annemarie and Ramon and there was this ‘click’ in seeing the world, raising our children and when you have an idea – just do it.  Step out of your comfort zone and create the life you want to live.

Annemarie and Ramon moved from the Netherlands to Ibiza 8 years ago and started with a small bed & breakfast and their car rental company Ducks United. Today they live in an authentic finca together with their 3 gorgeous children ( 4, 2 and 6 months, all born on the island) and next to Ducks United where they rent the most colourful original 2CV to cross over the island and Defenders  they run the charming  hotel Gare du Nord in the lovely village San Juan in the north of Ibiza. And as they are not busy enough they open their restaurant in Gare du Nord this summer where the best chef will prepare delicious dishes with the best fresh products from the island. Go and grap your chance when you are on Ibiza this summer.

It was lovely afternoon on their mountain, driving the Ducks and having fun just before the season is ready to start.

Have fun and enjoy!

x, Jen

Beautiful clothes: Numero74
Hair & Make-up: Thu Nguyen

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