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December 3, 2017

#Home sweet home | Ibiza

And then it was already December. I finished editing my late summer weddings and photoshoots and have been to Germany and the Netherlands for 10 days. Me and my eldest son had a lovely time with our family and friends (which are the best and I’m blessed with these beautiful people in my life) and got a lot inspiration, new ideas and motivation.

As after season is before season I already focus on 2018. Now is the time to update my website, plan photoshoots, events and weddings, send photos to the amazing vendors I had the honour to work with, do my winterproject #meetibizapeople and capture inspiring people from the island. I wait for one of my camera’s coming back from the Nikon repairservice and there are mails and social media every day.  The sun is shining and the sky is babyblue and there is finally time to catch up with friends. I love winter on Ibiza!

While I was selecting the photos for my new website, I found a few treasures which made me realise: this is my Ibiza. How I see my island. my world. All caught during different photoshoots on different locations on the island. Every single photo brings back a memory to me which makes me so grateful for  what I call ‘work’ and how I live my life. I’m more than happy to take you on a little walk into Ibiza’s beautiful landscape and scenery.

Thank you so much and enjoy.

x, Jen


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