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February 26, 2018

#Meet Ibiza people | Sonja Bonk

It was in October 2016 when my eldest son Joah got a birthday invitation from Luisa, one of his friends at the nursery. As I’m mostly just in time or (a bit) later then expected, I never met other parents when bringing or picking him up, so I had no idea who Louisa’s parents are.

We went to the birthday party on a Friday afternoon at the playground next to the Mercadona in Santa Eularia.
I remember Sonja standing around the table which was filled with yummy food and saying something in German that there was not enough space for another salad and she felt a bit stressed. I looked at her and said: ‘ Whahaaa, you are German? I thought you’re Spanish. Don’t worry about the pasta salad, it will be fine. I’ll eat it.’
We started talking and about 10 minutes later I realised she’s Luisa’s mum. Haha, okay, Happy birthday.

A few months later, on a Saturday morning I went to Las Dalias together with Joah and Avan and at one moment there was this little girl calling: ‘Joah, Joah.’ Luisa was running around on the market as her mum was sitting behind a table filled with colourful bracelets and necklaces.
I was blown away by all the rainbow eye candy and was more than impressed these products were all created by Sonja. So we found out she is sitting every Saturday in my ‘front garden’ without joining a coffee and we decided to meet soon. Bonkpower was on.

Meeting soon in Ibiza means: one day, we don’t know yet, but one day we will see each other for sure. Probably somewhere between November and April. Don’t forget to ask which year!

Sonja booked me for a shoot in October 2017 as she needed photos for her brand. She asked me if I have a studio, and I said: of course – let’s meet in Puig de Missa an hour before sunset, on Thursday. She arrived and asked where my studio is and I turned around and said: here, the most beautiful open air studio in the world. She got it, laughed and we started shooting, while my youngest son Avan was sitting in his stroller. I still smile when I think back of this evening.

Last Saturday, we finally met each other again after we had planned the shoot on Las Dalias 3 times before.

Don’t rush anything, when the time is right it’ll happen.

It was a fun and colourful morning ( as mornings in Ibiza are usually until 14 h) even it was rainy and a bit cold. 2017 was a personal change for both of us and we found out that our taste of music is tooootally different but for the rest we have a lot in common. I mean mathematics was our worst and arts our best class in school and today we are both running a successful creative business and keep us and our families alive, on the most beautiful island of this planet – Ibiza. Something worked out pretty well…

Are you visiting Ibiza this year? Grab your chance and visit Sonja and get her real Ibiza jewelry while you’re at Las Dalias on a Saturday,  Monday or Tuesday night during the night market.

Thank you so much!


x, Jen



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