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March 12, 2018

#Meet Ibiza people | Anouk Neerings


When you meet somebody for the first time, you don’t know what role this person will have in your future life, but sometimes there is a feeling which gives you just a glimpse of an idea.

I remember the first time when the name ‘Anouk Neerings’ popped up in my life in spring 2016, shortly after my youngest son Avan was born. I saw her pictures on Facebook and I liked her style of photography a lot and I was wondering if she was new on the island, as I hadn’t heard or seen her before. I liked her business page and had an eye on her beautiful work.

I knew, we will meet one day live and in colour as Ibiza is a small island.

It didn’t take a long time until I went to a birthday party on the beach in Cala Llonga on a Friday afternoon in June 2016. A friend of my eldest son Joah was celebrating his 4th birthday.
I was sitting in the sand, breastfeeding Avan not knowing yet that the woman sitting in front of me is Anouk.
She was speaking Dutch to her friend, her daughter Zoé running around and I said: ‘Ah, we can speak Dutch here.’ We introduced ourselves and we were happy we finally met in real life and decided to keep in touch. And so we did.

We spent a nice afternoon at Atzaro’s chiringuito in October 2016 and celebrated Anouk’s 35th birthday at Atzaro beach in November 2016 after she found out she’s pregnant.
I clearly remember the moment on my sofa when she told me she is expecting twins. I gave her the number of one of my best friends Saray in Utrecht | The Netherlands, as she already experienced having twins after having her daughter and is a hair & make up artist working in the wedding branche as well.
Anouk and Saray got in touch with each other. Oh wow, how exciting.

In April 2017 was the first edition of the Ibiza Bridal week and as we are both wedding photographers, we decided to visit the wedding convention in Santa Eularia and we had a fantastic and fun morning together with Zoé.
(Zoé has always been the name I would have given to my daughter, I got gifted with 2 sons, Joah & Avan.)

One week later we planned a maternity shoot on a Saturday evening an hour before sunset. Anouk, Vincent and Zoé picked me up in San Carlos and we drove down to Cala d’Hort.
Anouk was just beautiful in her green goddess dress carrying two babies under her heart and Zoé, the proud big sister to be, holding her hand and kissing her belly.

Moments where my heart is blooming.

My busy photography season 2017 started and Levy & Faya were born in May. I was thinking of Anouk, wondering how it feels to get into a new routine with two babies and how I needed to visit her soon.
It took until October, the birthday party of the eldest son of our friends Annemarie and Ramon, when we saw each other again.
I had already heard that her personal situation had changed and we finally had the possibility to talk face to face. We cried together, talked about life and I told her that I made the decision to change my personal situation as I wasn’t happy anymore.

We had no idea how this journey would continue but I was sure that everything will be fine, because…

Everything happens for a reason.


And here we are today. Different then yesterday. Ready for tomorrow.

I’m more than happy Anouk and I decided to collaborate and to combine our talents, chasing light and capturing lifetime memories and I can’t wait for our Ibiza summer to start.
It feels good to have a photographer next to me, who understands my way of thinking, feeling, working and living.

We decided to do this shoot on Cala Nova and after being on the cliff for 10 minutes it started raining and we went inside to Atzaro beach.
Which is by the way a perfect shooting location when the weather is playing crazy, and they serve vanilla coffee. I’m happy I was able to capture this talented and beautiful soul with her 3 little ones today.

It’s all about memories.

Cheers to life, friendship, love and work!

Thank you so much

x, Jen

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