# Meet Ibiza people | Bex & Jakob Hronek

I met Bex and Jakob on the Forada market, opposite the restaurant Can Tixedo between San Rafael and Santa Agnes. You can find them and their amazing fermented food ‘ Los Fermentistas’ there every Saturday ( depending on the weather) from 11- 16 h. They make Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Kombucha and Jun. They sell them on the […]

March 3, 2017

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#Meet Ibiza people | Nova Moonchild

Happily I found Nova right after she and her husband Sebas moved from Amsterdam to Ibiza in February 2015. I had a little, let’s call it a self caused accident with trying to blonde my hair and it didn’t turned out like I hoped. ( Self note: that’s why there are professional hair artists) The sexy […]

February 27, 2017

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#Meet Ibiza people | Claire Wakeman

She’s the mum of lovely Freddie (1), who’s keeping her busy helping him to explore the world when she’s not playing the guitar or thinking about another great project to launch. Claire moved from the UK to Ibiza about 4 years ago and her passion is making people happy with her music. What an amazing talent. Claire […]

February 13, 2017

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#Meet Ibiza people | Diederik Laiz

I love to share time with people I can laugh with. Diederik is definitely one of the persons I always laughed with every time we met. He has a good sense of humor and he is interested in the world and the people around him, listening and asking good questions make every conversation absolutely interesting. […]

February 7, 2017

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#Meet Ibiza people | Selina van Hulzen – Heitman

One benefit of winter in Ibiza is the time you can join with friends and explore new things and spots. So I joined Selina’s Barre class ( a mix from ballet, Pilates and yoga). I met Selina 2 years ago at our friends house, a few months before she and her family (Jur, her husband […]

January 27, 2017

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#Meet Ibiza people | Suzan de Groot

You wouldn’t imagine it, but it was really cold on the island last week. The day we had planned the photoshoot it was raining in the morning, the sky was grey and there was so much wind… I thought we have to reschedule the shoot but Suzan said: No, it will be fine in the afternoon. […]

January 23, 2017

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#Meet Ibiza people | Sam Tamatoa

Do you remember these kind of schooltrips when you went out to explore how things work out or to visit a company which produces stuff?? The visit at the Meke Coffee roastery felt just like this. I met Sam Tamatoa a few days before our photoshoot in the Espressostop Bar in Santa Eularia and he […]

January 18, 2017

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#Meet Ibiza people | Helios Sunseeker

It was in April 2015 in our Sushi restaurant in San Carlos when I met Helios for the first time. It was not only his colourful rainbow tattoo on his left arm which caught my attention, but the friendly way he invited us for a drink as our order took a while. Later we found […]

January 14, 2017

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Hello & Goodbye

Es Vedra and my eldest son. Photo credits: Youri Claessens Wow, 2016 – what happened? I still have the feeling this year just started yesterday and the season is about to begin. But here we are: its almost time to say goodbye 2016 and say ‘Hello’ 2017. It was a year full of ‘hello’s’ and […]

December 21, 2016

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#Meet Ibiza people | Mirjam Leslie – Pringle

I get so inspired by people who follow their passion and make their dreams come true. This family is a very special one. Mirjam, Nicolaas, Mois, June and Wolf moved to Ibiza in September 2014 and didn’t just take their stuff and dog, even their 3 horses made it from the Netherlands to Ibiza. They […]

December 15, 2016

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