I was born and raised in Mönchengladbach | Germany, after meeting the daddy of my sons, I spent 5 years in Roermond | The Netherlands and we moved together with our eldest son, dog and cats to our dream island Ibiza. Our youngest son was born in Ibiza.
I have always been creative and started taking photos when I was a teenager. When I was 18 years old I joined an internship in a photography studio for one year and I knew this was my passion and the job of my life.  There followed a few years of an excursion to walk on another path and so I became a professional sports- & health trainer. I owned a successful Pilates- and massagestudio for 5 years and finally came back to live my passion.

It's all about memories

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Arndt

I love never ending stories. That‘s what a photo is about: a memory for the rest of your life. Your children‘s life, your grandchildren‘s life and all generations following...

Born in January 1981 | aquarius | 
living in Ibiza | mum of 2 lovely boys | Pilates | healthy food | friends & wine | sushi & chocolate | creative | 
scrapbooking & travelling | 
books & pencils | music & dancing | 
flip - flops & boots | sun - sea - beach | stars & sunset | animals & philosophy | optimistic & a good laugh | 

speaks German - English - Dutch - and still learning Spanish


every day life behind the scenes